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Top 3 Keys in SMBs Marketing Strategy

We love what we do, we get out of bed every morning to change how SMBs get financial outcomes from their marketing strategy. The conversations we pretty much enjoy are those that support CEOs or business leaders who look at marketing in a different and enthusiastic way, rather than a ‘black hole’ and they see measurements that exhibit marketing is giving them a financial return.

The flip of that for us is non-marketing leaders thinking that they can define and direct strategic marketing without help. It’s a common known fact that not all business leaders are not typically fine-tuned marketers – they come from finance, operations or the same. We even find the tactical basics are not being done well and some easy fundamentals could develop overall marketing performance.

Powerful Keys in SMBs Marketing Strategy

Growthology has posted this short process last time that every SMB needs to consider and I think it’s worth a repeat: 

1. GAP ANALYSIS – what your business is missing.

2. FIT FOR PURPOSE – what do you need to have in place to compete in your sector or industry.

3. EXECUTION – marketing delivering growth.

All SMBs need to be doing this as a minimum.

We always talk about everyone in your business being a marketer – true, with the right strategy and direction!

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