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5 Best Marketing Project for Your Business Growth

That is the week that was.. ‘Marketing is fluff….’ We usually get comments like this more often than we’d like and our team just puts it down to business leaders or CEOs not really knowing what marketing can or should be doing for the business’ growth.

This came from a SMB CEO we are just about to start partnering with. He stated it a few weeks ago and we’re in the process of changing his mind!

As part of Growthology’s strategic assessment process, we have put together the list of projects this business needs to get working on to get its business performing:

List of Best Marketing Projects For Your Business

  1. Speaking with their customers about how they engage and show up, asking what they could be doing better. Understanding what keeps their customers awake at night?
  2. Reviewing their channels [both traditional and strategic partners] to see if they are investing marketing time and money effectively.
  3. Reviewing their CRM to see what % of their customers’ data records hold any sort of value and where they need to be improved.
  4. How does marketing and sales work together to get the revenue results that the business needs.
  5. Looking at what their current customers buy and what else they could be buying.

Just five projects from a list of ‘to-dos’ none of these feel like fluff to us!

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