Strategic Marketing for CEOs


Empowering Growth Creation

Why Do CEOs Need to Care About Strategic Marketing?

Growthology introduces the strategic framework: 9 Boxes™. This provides you – CEOs – access to our diagnostic mechanism that enables you to score how your marketing function is performing and know the fundamental gaps in your marketing strategy. 

Strategic Marketing using the 9 Boxes™ Management Framework 

If you are amongst the many CEOs who have attended one of our three-hour, facilitated masterclass sessions, then it’s just like being there – except with a ‘stop’ and a ‘start’ button!

The opening module discusses why, as CEOs, we need to take part in strategic marketing.  In other words, this is what grants us access to increased revenue and business growth. 

Marketing means different things to different people yet we all need to have some definition of marketing in our businesses, and with Growthology we’ll help you find yours.

Most businesses define marketing by tactics and, without fail, in every discussion we run, we get ourselves into a tactical conversation. It’s distracting and irrelevant – strategy informs tactics. 

We want our masterclass to enable you to understand the difference between strategic marketing and tactical marketing in your business and recognise how that can influence positively your bottom line.

Your marketing strategy should always be aligned to your business plan and revenue growth.  Our work together will help you tap into potential revenue channels and accomplish exponential growth.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business cycle – start-up, growing, or preparing to sell – your marketing needs to be working.  Our 9 Boxes™ framework will show you what you need to be doing, when, and by how much. Sustainable success comes from consistency and focus, and we’ll show you how to do that in the nine areas of strategic marketing.

Take the 9 boxes assessment here – get your score and take the benchmark now!

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