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Communication: When is Marketing Not Really Marketing?

This week, we are talking about the fifth box in our 9 Growthology Boxes, Communication. For those of you that know Growthology, you will understand that the 9 Boxes is a structure for Small-Medium Businesses to build a marketing strategy. If you score 85% on our benchmark then you’ll have a perfectly brilliant marketing strategy that drives growth in your business.

Communication is probably where most businesses begin thinking about their marketing, the outputs of that are your marketing collaterals. For our team, there are four main elements that form communication.

4 main elements that forms communication

  1. The overarching brand strategy – the purpose and values, how you do things around here
  2. The tone of voice – how you speak
  3. The visual identity – how you look
  4. The messaging – how you speak to your stakeholders

All of the above elements need to be exhibited in any form of communication that leaves your company. It does not matter if it is from a tender document, a website, or email etc – your company needs to be represented through its language and its look and feel. Moreover, your words need to be appropriate to each of the business leaders.

Out of these two elements, we always sees SMEs struggle with the language and writing piece. In this day and age, our wordings need to be clever, captivating, concise, relevant, engaging and we are only likely to have minimal word count to work with.

That is the theory – but here’s what really happens. Most SMEs see their marketing materials as marketing. Additionally, they are a set of communication pieces that help you engage with your audiences, create a conversation, position your business, etc. You should not think of this as marketing. Our team just looks at these as ‘fit for purpose’ – It is a set of materials your company uses to connect. When our team asks the business leaders what is marketing in their business, leaders list out all of the materials they use. It is important to have these but you cannot tick the marketing box if this is all you have in place.

Therefore, how do we know if we have got this correct- simple:

  • When we speak to your customers they know what you stand for
  • People in your business know why they get out of bed every morning

We developed the structured formula 9 Boxes from a passion to help small and mid-tier businesses get access to corporate marketing thinking. Growthology wants to raise the marketing bar, changing the way companies engage with marketing.

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