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Have you recently reviewed and defined your position?

We talk about Position as being the corner stone of your marketing thinking. Positioning is the DNA of your business – it has several core elements to it and we define those as:

  1. Your vision, purpose and values – this is really the cultural anchor of your business. It doesn’t need to be over complicated however it does need to be present.
  2. You need to understand your MARKET – SERVICE – PRODUCT – PRICE choices. This means the markets you are servicing, the service levels you deliver, the products you sell and the prices you charge.
  3. Also understand your operating marketing – we have talked about this before. Understanding the size of your market opportunity, your competitors and your position in that market.

Have you recently reviewed and defined your position? are the 9 Boxes question you and your business should review all of the above every 2 years. Watch our short video on Position.

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