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Impact on Client Service from Strategic Marketing

In the last blog, we discussed the importance of putting clients at the heart of everything you do. In this week’s blog, we look at client service from an internal perspective.

Having someone responsible for taking care of your client is as important as the sales team that signs them up!  Happy clients will not only buy more from your business, nonetheless, but they will also tell more people about their experience, driving prospects and revenue as if they themselves were your employee.  

Managing your customer and prospect base as if you existed in a goldfish bowl (don’t goldfish have memories of 5 seconds?) not only drives inefficiencies and waste in your business efforts, yet it conveys your poor customer who only wants to be remembered and appreciated. 

A consistent approach to client service across the business is therefore essential.  An overarching strategy is necessary to manage the client service experience at all engagement points along the customer journey with your business, whether this is with the salesperson, an IT help desk, or the delivery serviceman – all customer encounters to reflect on your business, improve or damage the customer relationship and ultimately, determine future purchases and referrals. 

Some key considerations at this stage: 

  • What is the customer journey with your business? 
  • What are you doing as a business at each of these points, to take care of your customers? 
  • Where are the potential customer pain points and where could you lose them to a competitor? 
  • What is your client service philosophy? Is it ingrained across your business or is it really just a pretty poster in the lunchroom? 

Client Service Insights

Understanding your existing and potential clients is key to driving business performance.  Growthology knows that clients will no longer stand for being branded like cattle – a simple number on a sales report – but one must be realistic in business at the same time.  

Customers seldomly do merit the same level of investment in terms of time, care and bespoke product offerings, so it is important to ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Customer value- do you know who your most valuable clients are? 
  • Where are you investing your efforts into your customer base?  Are you taking best care of your best clients? Or are you misplacing your efforts on simply focusing on the biggest group, for example? 
  • Are you over- or under- servicing certain client care groups, and what does this mean for your business efficiency, client relationships, productivity and ROI? 

Being in touch with your prospective and current clients also opens the door for further sales of your business.  Always think about what else they could buy from you, now and in the future.

In these fast-paced, ever-changing times, it is essential to review your client care insight a few times a year.  Keep abreast of your clients’ needs and trends, and they’ll thank you for it. 

Frequently communicating with your clients – whether via your client care manager or via an online survey, will provide the fuel you need to travel the journey to long term profitability, stakeholder value and business growth.  

Businesses can no longer afford to treat customers as numbers.  Numbers are so primeval.  Clients simply won’t stand for it: what they will do is walk!  As they become more discerning, more demanding and more knowledgeable about what’s on offer and where – and your competitors become more aggressive in their pursuit of new business – your customers will simply walk away if they don’t feel valued by your business. 

Putting clients at the heart of your brand proposition and your business practices, is key to success.  And if you don’t, you can be sure that your competitors will!

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