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What Makes Your Market Position Different From Your Competitors?

Our team believes small and medium, businesses deserve access to smart marketing thinking and tools that give your business access to grow its’ revenue. Our Marketing Benchmark takes you through a series of questions that helps your business identify its gaps – Growthologys’s Marketing Masterclass shows you the activities you need to do to close the gap. Simple!

So, to Position – it is the first box and there is a reason why it is the number one box. You need to get this correctly or you may as well pack up and go home! The position is the cornerstone of your strategic marketing. It’s the DNA of your product and/or services and governs the other 8 boxes.

It’s important because it guides your marketing strategy, in order to make sure you score top marks for. Position before you focus on other marketing areas of your business.

To be able to score in excess of 85% in the Position box you need to have the following in place:

1. You have created a market strategy.
2. Your business plan is up to date and relevant.
3. You understand your current market position.
4. You have documented your vision and values.
5. Market, service, product and price strategies are all documented.

Stay tuned to our digital platforms for our future webinars and If you want to answer our free marketing benchmark report, please click here.

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