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Marketing in Your Business, Confused or Frustrated?

‘Marketing’ has been the main source of company growth for decades – we don’t require a history lesson here – most of us have watched “Mad Men”. Follow the timeline and marketing have changed, in terms of what is accessible to us but it appears how we serve our clients hasn’t. We seem to wrap it up in jargon, smoke, and mirrors – we have confused the hell out of our audiences and it continues to this day.

When we start working with businesses the beginning of our conversations is not easy. Our business owners are confused, frustrated, annoyed, exhausted, etc – see where I am going with this, none of these words are useful when you starting to work with a new client and asking them to trust you. All of the SMB CEOs we worked with have ‘their’ story, and frankly, we get it.

Here is a current example- we are working with a new client that wants to expand their business and to achieve that, they are looking at opening at a new location interstate. The client has an outstanding reputation in their home state and the revenue acquisition strategy they have chosen is geographical.

When we were introduced to them for the first time, they were exhausted, frustrated, and confused. Their previous marketing firm had suggested a re-brand and an e-news campaign, but the client just didn’t get it. There’s nothing wrong with re-branding and e-newsletters however they are too early, very tactical, and not appropriate for what our client wants to achieve.

This business needs some strategic thinking. If your business is thinking about opening in new geography here are a few things you should be thinking about:

5 Strategic Thinking Questions in Marketing to an Excellent Client Conversations

  1. Size of the market – is there enough revenue available to make it worthwhile
  2. Who else is in the market? What do our competitors look like?
  3. Do you have a competitive advantage? If not – can you create one?
  4. Do we have strategic partners that can help us launch into a new market?
  5. What’s your revenue/growth expectation and how much is it going to cost you to enter?

All of these kinds of conversations need to be resolved before we head off into tactical implementation.

What is this all about? Growthology wants to bring some corporate thinking to SMBs. We know the stats globally about how important SMBs are to most economies, our marketing needs to be less about re-branding and e-newsletters but more about some of the strategic disciplines and thinking that larger business applies to driving their growth.

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