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Four-Stage Methodology

Working with Growthology

When you engage with Growthology, you’ll learn how to strengthen and improve your marketing function. The goal is to create marketing that delivers measurable revenue results.

Your business will transform from a tactical “spray and pray” re-active approach to a strategic “sniper” like targeted marketing capability.

Across our offering of self-directed and strategist-led stages, we’ll help your organisation:

  • Understand where it really sits within your sector
  • Gauge the key areas of improvement
  • Identify key actions to build strategic marketing capability


These benefits are reflected in our four-stage methodology.

Benchmarking v2

My Marketing Benchmark™
& Online Company Report

The benchmarking stage involves the comprehensive and powerful 9 Boxes™ Marketing Framework - a tool that gauges individual skills or corporate capabilities against a set of 4000 of your business peers. This stage can be undertaken on your own and is the initiation step for the following stages.

Mode of delivery: Online

Presentation v2

Marketing Masterclasses

When the CEO and key leaders are ready to embark on the next step, this interactive stage will educate them on why and when certain marketing action should be undertaken. This stage closely examines marketing strategy versus tactics, the implications of the Stage 1 outcomes and the specific marketing steps to take next.

Mode of delivery: Virtual or face to face


Internal & External
Strategic Marketing Assessment

In this stage, business objectives, marketing strategy and leader skills are brought into alignment. Through reviewing the business plan, team workshops and an open forum discussion, the “marketing noise” can be identified and filtered out. The overall outcome is a report that will be the foundation for a strong and clear marketing function - one backed by measurement and ROI milestones.

Mode of delivery: Virtual or face to face

Support v2

Strategic Marketing Services

As you deploy the assets generated in Stage 3 moving forward, you can call on Growthology strategists for ongoing check-ins and advice. Growthology will stay in contact long-term to empower, educate and guide you and your team through the process of turning the findings of the previous stages into growth.

Mode of delivery: Virtual or face to face

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What We Do

Success with Growthology

The end result is that your in-house marketing function will become completely autonomous as it supports and drives your business growth.

You will outgrow a need for our assistance because you’ll know what is working,  why it’s working and how to launch new marketing initiatives that maintain the integrity of your business and marketing strategies. 

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