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Three Keys to Powerful SME Marketing Strategy

This is a simple process that we believe is worth looking at for any SME that is focusing on marketing strategy. It recently gave clarity to of one of our clients when they were overwhelmed by the potential complexity of the process and unsure where the business should start.

Their team was highly engaged and wanted to get out of the starting-blocks, fast –driven by the fact they have a challenging end-of-year target. We hate being “Captain No” but one of the important aspects of marketing strategy that we always talk about is there’s ‘no instant gratification’. However, the strategic process doesn’t need to be complicated to be powerful.

Growthology breaks it down into to 3 key areas:

1. Gap Analysis

Look at what your business currently has in place, benchmarked against best practise. Where are your gaps & what can you improve to ensure your marketing strategy contributes to your business growth?

2. Fit for Purpose

This is a short period of understanding what’s happening in your sector including how sophisticated are your competitors with their marketing strategies – that’s your field of play. What are you doing well and what do we need to build to make an impact in your market.

3. Execution

Connect your marketing strategy to your business strategy – a prioritised action plan of what your business needs to undertake to build your marketing capability. It takes time – like any good strategy does – and it needs constant attention.

This uncomplicated Strategic Marketing process, will build your business a structured and sustainable approach for business growth.

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