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Step Up! Why Strategic Marketing Helps Your Business?

Growthology has been preparing a workshop for the leadership team of a start-up company next week– they are smart and have a great business idea. Their idea is starting to get some traction in the market and they are now starting to ask themselves some critical questions about the future, such as :

  • Why are we doing this?
  • What is the size of the opportunity?
  • How do we seize the opportunity?

The important catalyst in all of this- they are asking the right questions. They recognise that they have a great idea, they know the execution of their idea is best in class- they also realise that without the answers to these questions, that is all they will ever own.

Most businesses come to us when their business has been running for more than five years and/or of a certain size, when they are looking to strategic marketing to help them grow to the next stage. Our experience is that every organisation no matter their business life cycle should ask themselves these guiding questions on a regular basis. Checking the answers are still the same and confirming that the management team are still aligned with their commitments with frequency.

In our business, we have have debated start-ups not being our target market but what we actually mean is businesses that don’t ask these questions of themselves are not our target market; saying that, most of our mid-tier clients do not ask and answer these questions of themselves often enough!

In preparation for our session we sent the leadership team over an agenda which looks a bit like this:

Strategic Marketing Workshop Agenda

  1. Where does marketing sit in your business?
  2. Your expectations of marketing as a business
  3. Connecting strategic marketing to business strategy
  4. The 9 strategic marketing areas that need to be in any business
  5. What is positioning?
    · Vision, values, and purpose of the business
    · Market, Service, Product, and Price strategies of the business
  6. Wrap up and closing summary

The attendees do not need to do any work prior to the session– we have just asked them to come along with an open mind and be prepared to contribute to the session.

The part on the agenda that is missing for me – they are passionate about their business, they need the answers to these questions for their business to achieve its potential and I want them to understand why.

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